Our Burmilla Breeding

The cattery name SE*Miss World’s is representing us, Sandra and Peter Magnusson – happy owners of the most amazing cats we ever met! Since we honestly feel that our cats are the worlds prettiest, we’ve chosen a name that would announce it clearly…

Sandra is holding a diploma from SVERAK as a breeder and is also the one who loves to calculate new breeding combinations, while Peter fortunately is almost as found of cat plays as they are….

We live in Växjö, a city in the southern part of Sweden, wich have it’s own little airport.

We simply love this marvellous breed, and our prior interest as breeders at the moment, is to make healthy representives of the breed available to more people – everyone deserves to have cats like this!!

Beyond that, it’s very important to us that the kittens that are born in our home get the attention that’s needed to become cats that are truly interested in people; social, cosy, confident and affecionate!

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