What’s a Burmilla?

The Burmilla is a breed that was created 1981 in London from a spontaneous cross between the Burmese and Chinchilla Persian breed. The cats had their love affair without asking the owner for permission, and maybe we should just be thankful for that, since they would just have gotten a no if they asked.

The result was a shorthaired cat with the silvery coat of the Chinchilla Persian breed and the elegant look so typical for the Burmese. The body is smooth and muscular, the walk reminding you of a lion…

What really identifies and sets the Burmilla apart is the colours of the coat, the tipped shading. The coat looks mostly white and just the edges of the hair are coloured, giving the coat a silvery, velvety look. The coat is also something special to touch – if you close your eyes and ignore the purring, you’d probably guess that your tapping a rabbit!

When your Burmilla takes a walk through your house, it’s beautiful coat makes it look like if a beautiful pen-drawing just came to live….

And life – that is something the Burmilla has plenty of!

The personality of the Burmilla is playful, full of life and very social. They love to be in the centre of the action and would like to help you with everything when you do your household chores…

Where you are – that’s where you’ll find your cat!!

After several years with Burmillas, they still also fascinate us with their way of using their paws – they’re capable of picking up things and holding them so they can study it more closely. Reminds you of a squirrel!

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